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TruckMarks is a classic, Free, 3D Arcade Racing Game released for Android Platform. You can choose any vehicle or stage, there isn't any restrictions or hidden purchase in it!

SW - Force Scramble


  • Android OS : 4.0 or later
  • Cpu at least 1.4 Ghz.
  • Screen res.: 800x480 or higher


It's original purpose was to learn the basics of the UNITY 3D engine and how to create games! So it's not a completed project, but i think it well demonstrates the capability of the engine, and how awesome an "X-Wing" like Star Wars game could look like on mobile devices, if someone with a stable developer background would put some time in it.This is only a GFX DEMO! Even if you can chose crafts from the hangar, flying around and shooting things, there is NO GOALThis application is NOT A GAME and it  NEVER WILL BE! (Why?)

Star Wars, including the characters and vehicles are copyright by LUCASFILM LTD and the WALT DISNEY COMPANY. It is FREE, FAN MADE, non-commercial projectand uses the "Fair Use Doctrine".


Tractors : On The Road is a fun and unique racing game!

You like play dirty? Win the race by taking the first place or you can eliminate your opponents. There is no strict raceline, at least not the classic "fenced around" environment. You can push your enemies into houses, trees and any kind of obstacles (or into the abyss). Do anything to slow them down, it's your choice. You can even cut off a few corners. A little "healthy" cheating is tolerable.Smile

No real animals, people or tractors were harmed during the creation of this game! The events are accidental..