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SW - Force Scramble


  • Android OS : 4.0 or later
  • Cpu at least 1.4 Ghz.
  • Screen res.: 800x480 or higher


It's original purpose was to learn the basics of the UNITY 3D engine and how to create games! So it's not a completed project, but i think it well demonstrates the capability of the engine, and how awesome an "X-Wing" like Star Wars game could look like on mobile devices, if someone with a stable developer background would put some time in it.This is only a GFX DEMO! Even if you can chose crafts from the hangar, flying around and shooting things, there is NO GOALThis application is NOT A GAME and it  NEVER WILL BE! (Why?)

Star Wars, including the characters and vehicles are copyright by LUCASFILM LTD and the WALT DISNEY COMPANY. It is FREE, FAN MADE, non-commercial projectand uses the "Fair Use Doctrine".

Devices that don't reach the minimum requirements may have graphic glitches, experience low frame rate or difficulties in control! 


Actual version (6):

Bug fixes:

  • few bug fix.


  • ragdoll walkers with destroyable remains
  • A few remodelled ship
  • cockpit for a few ship
  • shadow fixes
  • more detailed environment
  • better looking shaders


  • smooth control with keybord/joystick
  • separated level selecting
  • onscreen controls fixed and more visible
  • "Horizont" mode now fixes the plane only on twist-angle.


  • 3D VR support for Googles Cartboard or Durovis Dive like glasses..

version (5):

 Bug fixes:

  • Compiled with a newer version of Unity. Maybe it corrects software related errors.
  • Enemy AI corrections. Ties and the falcon do not run into the wall anymore, turrets at level Hoth are fireing at nearby Walkers. etc.
  • Less drunk moves from the Speeder when it collides with other objects.


  • Volume control should work on all devices with the slider under the VOLUME button in the options menu. It was there before as well just not visible enough. Sorry, my fault.


  • New explosion effect.
  • Changes on the backgrounds. 
  • A few little things.

 The controls rewritten:

  • FIRE BUTTON is in the right center region of the screen. An auto-fire switch was also added to the options.
  • The lower right button controls the  Roll Axis of your plane.
  • Added a lot of options to make REVERSE the axis like a simulator.
  • Switching the HORIZON mode off makes the plane turn around every axis freely.
  • Tilt control.