Career Transition Management


About Program

The Career Transition and Lateral Hire Integration program is an immersive journey to help lateral hires successfully integrate and grow in the new company culture. The program consists of a combination of personalized 1-1 coaching sessions and group workshops and activities spread across 5 months. This program is suitable when companies recruit from diverse backgrounds such as Armed Forces, different industries or even different companies within the same industry.

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What Do Participants Learn?

  • Companies values and principles.
  • Effective stakeholder management.
  • How to build a brand.
  • How to take charge of careers.

Why Choose myTectra?

  • Check Track Record.
  • Training Methodology and Course Material.
  • instructor
  • Standard Fees.
  • syllabus

The Challenge

When companies hire laterals, there is no robust program in place to help them integrate. Lateral hires face challenges such as :

  • Lack of commitments for leadership.
  • Lack of accountability and governance.
  • Lack of personal support and encouragement.
  • Value conflict.

Who Should Attend?

                          Professionals moving from non-corporate to corporate e.g. armed forces officers
Professionals making the transition from one industry to another.
                                  Professionals making the transition within a company to a different role or function.

The Result

What Participants Say About Career Transition Managment Experience: 


say they are better prepared for future responsibilities


say this program was worth the time & effort


say they are better prepared to take the next step in their career

"myTectra Coach has keen insights in human personalities and business complexities, positioning his beautifully to coach both tactical and strategic individuals through professional and even sometimes personal challenges."

Peter Wilson
IT Professional & Business Owner 

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