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In the last decade, L&D organizations have been grappling with complex learning ecosystems. Whether it is a surge in the volume of technologies and platforms on offer, or the abundance of learning content and modalities, L&D operations at scale can be challenging for even the most evolved organizations. You need a partner who can simplify your learning ecosystem and manage your L&D operations with clockwork efficiency, while eliminating cost and operational redundancies.

myTectra has over 5 years of experience in the management and administration of the learning process. Our centralized approach to learning administration enables L&D organizations to simplify processes, increase quality, reduce cost, and accelerate innovation. Our Learning Administration service is built on best practices, configured to the needs of each of our customers.

We don’t just aim for a noise-free experience. Our goal is to transform learning administration with rock-solid operations and high service levels under a variable cost model. Through the use of efficient technology and high-touch, personalized experiences for learners, we enable many large-scale learning organizations to focus on strategy and business value while trusting their back office to us

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  • Improve service levels and response times
  • Drive e-learning blended learning success
  • Accelerate transparency and innovation
  • Enable focus on core competencies
  • Enable focus on business value – not just work execution


  • Reduce direct costs
  • Shift costs from fixed to variable
  • Accelerate/implement move to shared services
  • Agility to serve varying demand


Because of our scale, we are able to provide a robust managed service that ensures quality and cost effectiveness. Our service is based on a meticulous approach to each of our four service layers that focus on the four key areas of learning administration – processes, resources, infrastructure and quality, supported by a robust governance model.

The Result

Here are some of the incredible gains that we delivered to our customers.

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