Learn the most sought after technology which is aimed at gaining expertise in development and deployment

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DevOps Engineering on AWS

This course covers the core principles of the DevOps methodology and examines a number of use cases applicable to startup, small-medium business, and enterprise development scenarios

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Mastering Git and GitHub

Learn fundamental concepts like Git branch and advance topics like design and Git workflow. The course will cover different components of Git and GitHub and how they are used in software development operations.

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This course will help you master the key concepts of Docker and how data can be containerized into different containers, the architecture of Docker, containerization and various operations performed on it. 

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Mastering Ansible

A step-by-step journey of learning Ansible for configuration management and orchestration. The course is designed as a journey through configuring a realistic application stack from the ground up.

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Mastering Puppet

This course takes participants from the pains of approach to configuration management to being able to take advantage of Puppet to build configure maintain and automate a network of scale-able secure and high-performance systems.

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Docker and Kubernetes 

Learn containerization with docker, orchestration with Kubernetes, installing docker-engine, working with containers, images, volumes, networking, etc.

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Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Master the Continuous Integration with Jenkins and get hands-on experience on continuous integration with Jenkins.

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Atlassian Bamboo

Atlassian Bamboo Training

Become job-ready by mastering the advanced concepts of continuous integration & delivery, continuous deployment, and automation of software development build processes through real-time use cases in our training. 

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