PCB Design

Get to know PCB Design techniques in an intuitive and practical way

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Mastering Embedded System

Learn Control flow constructs, C preprocessor, BIT manipulation, strings, arrays, pointers, structures, Linux OS architecture, etc.

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PCB Design

Learn various technologies in electronics, PCB basics, designing, analog and digital electronics, industrial packages, schematics, layout, simulation, etc.

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Mastering Matlab

Learn basic Matlab concepts, data storage, and manipulation, graphics, M file programming, mathematical manipulations, image acquisition tool, robotics, etc.

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Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design

Thorough understanding of all commonly used Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design Training constructs, fortified through detailed analysis of simulations using specially designed reference code.

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Raspberry Pi: Full Stack

Raspberry Pi is a highly capable web development CPU, and this course will teach you how to maximize its potential. By learning the various components that make up the web development stack, you'll be able to build applications and make them available to users through a web interface.

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